White Night

lamp post at night in winter landscape with foosteps in the snow and train tracks on the left and distant lights on the right

Trampling through the snow, floating through the snowflake flurry, I made my way to the edge of the neighborhood where the houses ended and the woods began. It was late at night and all the windows slept. Step after step, I climbed the spiraling incline to the deserted train station. The broken plastic waiting-chairs shivered … Continue reading White Night

A Window Without a Face

Have you ever passed under the window of an old, abandoned house? Have you ever looked up, yearning for a beautiful face on the other side of the glass? Something about once proud houses now fallen into ruin that makes you slow down your step. A family once lived there. A man or a woman … Continue reading A Window Without a Face

On Solitude, The Queen

Lynne Roberto

Like a great queen this solitude reigns over me. Every day I do her bidding In silence Or in prose Upon a cloud Or on a bed of thorns. I unpeople the world And wrap myself In a shroud of silence. My monarch leads me on Through deserts and storms Through lands where words grow … Continue reading On Solitude, The Queen