The Aftertaste of Sorrow

I carry you around with me, A pebble in my shoe, A backpack heavy with regrets, An invisible blade stuck in my chest, A blood stain on my conscience, A wound in my memory, Through which images and scenes seep through, Remnants from better times, When you and me, The two of us, Shared a … Continue reading The Aftertaste of Sorrow

Look At Yonder Tree!

A quick glance at yonder tree reveals A trunk, boughs, branches, leaves, some roots, and maybe fruit. But looking deeply, as the Buddhists say, Discloses more than leaf and bark, Discloses sunlight, water, air, earth, time, space, The planter, his forebears and his offspring, Countless animals and minibeasts that at one time or another, Have … Continue reading Look At Yonder Tree!

Vain Wishes

How I wish I could postpone tomorrow, Forget yesterday, And endlessly prolong today! Like painters do, I would trick the moon into hanging still in one corner of the sky, And keep on you a beam of moonlight, And again and again, Like a sad tune on repeat, Pass by you on the street, And … Continue reading Vain Wishes