Water Leaf

water leaf underwater autumnn yellow fall

What are we to do about
those who don’t know
what to do with themselves?
Do we lock them in an office
and feed them stacks of paper?
Do we tie them to an anchor
and throw them into the Baltic sea
to cheer up the prawns?
Do we let them keep on doing
nothing at all?
Do we torture them with advice?
(Confusion itself is work enough
for the mind.)
The maps to happiness are lost
The shapes of clouds keep changing
The sentiments of stars are observed from below,
counted, measured
but still not known.

4 thoughts on “Water Leaf

  1. Some marvelous questions, Vincent. “Confusion itself is work enough/for the mind.” That’s a very profound and a powerful thought. Can we ever know the true sentiments of the stars, while we’re beguiled by their beauty, much like the song of the siren.

    Fantastic photograph, perfect for your “almost-poem”, do we let them sink or swim? Perhaps, time is a friend, and will guide their way. Wishing you a warm and wonderful evening, enjoy your weekend. ~ Mia

  2. “Do we let them keep on doing
    nothing at all?” that’s my worst feel with my loved ones!!
    “The maps to happiness are lost” loved it.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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