Shadow Garden

shadow of a man under a tree black and white

Meet me in the shadow garden when the last yellow window falls asleep. Tiptoe past the lilac and the nameless flowers of the night. Wear a long rustling dress let your hair loose come barefoot. But don’t bring your words with you, not even a greeting. Words are what people make when they try to … Continue reading Shadow Garden

A Window Without a Face

Have you ever passed under the window of an old, abandoned house? Have you ever looked up, yearning for a beautiful face on the other side of the glass? Something about once proud houses now fallen into ruin that makes you slow down your step. A family once lived there. A man or a woman … Continue reading A Window Without a Face

On Solitude, The Queen

Lynne Roberto

Like a great queen this solitude reigns over me. Every day I do her bidding In silence Or in prose Upon a cloud Or on a bed of thorns. I unpeople the world And wrap myself In a shroud of silence. My monarch leads me on Through deserts and storms Through lands where words grow … Continue reading On Solitude, The Queen