Old Man

Sorrowing Old Man (At Eternity's Gate) by Van Gogh

For three years now my grandfather has been dying in a little room pill by pill diaper by diaper spoon by spoon. He cannot walk. He cannot talk. He cannot breathe. Who can tell his sadness? Who can tell his rage? With what effrontery do we hold him by the nose open his mouth and … Continue reading Old Man

Late Autumn Tea

​It's that time of the year When winter is upon us But not quite here. When we do what we can So we can keep doing what we can This year and the next, And a lifetime after that. Leaves rust poetical Swirl in the wind Crack behind us Cover our paths Draw hearts upon … Continue reading Late Autumn Tea

In Praise of Snow

When I was a boy it snowed in December. Now it still snows sometimes, always after the holidays, when everyone has given up hope. It snowed today. It keeps on snowing: waves of whipped cream on the rooftops, marshmallow fluff everywhere else, snow hiding the shame of concrete, snow covering dust, covering dirt, snow on … Continue reading In Praise of Snow