Letter Left on the Windowsill at Dawn

Painting of Tree of Life by Gary Soszynski

Life, be kind to me

Give me ten years more

Give me twenty

Give me a masterpiece of words

Give me a woman to teach me love

Give me nights of passion

And quiet breakfasts in bed

Give me a thousand great books to read

Give me bicycle rides through the countryside

Give me work that is not work

But a way of life

Give me a sweaty brow

Give me tired feet and hands

Give me shade after a hard day

Give me her body in my hands

One naked shoulder at a time

Give me her neck and her mouth

Again and again

Until I wear out their taste

Give me chirpy mornings and starry nights

Give me quiet, give me noise

Give me a son and a daughter

Give me a place in this world

Give me all of this because

I’m giving you everything I can in return

I’m giving you myself every day

From sunrise to nightfall.

Life, be kind to me

Nothing that you’ll ever give

Will be enough,

I know,

But still, give me as much as you can

I will take everything

I will take everything.

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