50-Word Stories #5 – The Appointment

woman black and white lips

The cardiologist told her to return later.
“A condition of the heart…” was all he had said.
Her heart was in her mouth when she pushed open the cabinet door.
She saw the burning candles, the silver dinnerware, the fine wine.
The doctor, neatly dressed, held a bouquet of roses.

Some of you may remember that a while back I used to publish 50-word stories. Here is a selection of some of my best. I also gathered them in a book – grab it on Amazon.uk or Amazon.us.

6 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #5 – The Appointment

  1. Truly, you’ve captured a condition of the heart. Lovely and completely unexpected, very romantic. What color did you paint the roses? Have a wonderful evening Vincent. ~ Mia

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