Midnight Park

Velvet quiet, wise lamps, lakes like oil spills, statues that wink behind you, and the soft flutter of sleepless birds... What's there not to like about a midnight park? And then you have the occasional oddball… Such as the Frenchwoman who was talking to herself and gesticulating fiercely on lone alleys, and then turned away … Continue reading Midnight Park


Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

On most days I pass for a man but when I stand in the sun, I am sun. When I walk on the grass, I am grass. When I drink a glass of fresh water I am water. When I love, I am love. When I am angry, I am anger. And when I hope, … Continue reading Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

Old Friend

Sky, I look at you all the time but don't see you often enough. I'm sorry.