Almost Haiku: Seventeen

Autumn path through leaves

Path through leaves light feet forgetting hurry.

Meeting an Old Friend After a Year

Some places are like old friends. Time may pass between you, but when you return to them you find them there. It's not that they're waiting for you. But they are welcoming without trying to, by simply being what they are. A good old friend of mine is Herastrau Park, and recently I saw it … Continue reading Meeting an Old Friend After a Year

A Stroll Through Herastrau Park


If I'd have to choose a favorite place on earth, it would be Herastrau Park. It's the place which, of all the places I kept going to over the years, feels as an extension of who I am the most. Maybe because I had so many experiences there. It's the place I went to when … Continue reading A Stroll Through Herastrau Park