The Other Cat [Three Ghostly Cat Photos]

The other cat shows up sometimes on the other side of the window. Sometimes it comes at night. Sometimes it comes early in the morning. It hides behind shadows or curtains. It looks a lot like my cat, but is it my cat? Not that I claim ownership over my cat--often, I feel that my … Continue reading The Other Cat [Three Ghostly Cat Photos]

Reflections: An Upturned World [5 Photos]

The upturned world inside pools and lakes or within glass--do you ever notice it? What if it's not only a play of light on your retina, but the other world of your other self: your mirrored, upturned twin? A world where what does not happen to you happens, darkly. Where the coin you drop on … Continue reading Reflections: An Upturned World [5 Photos]

Meet My House Plants

A bit of greenery never hurt a room, right? I don't think house plants or flowers in general are a girlie thing. More than grace and beauty, plants can cheer up empty spaces, bring calm with their still presence, and may even purify the air. I’m not quite sure how the first plant made its … Continue reading Meet My House Plants