Washing Dishes


Washing dishes is a brave deed,

As brave as climbing Mount Everest,

For the one who stays at home, quietly brave,

And washes dishes every day,

Mindfully aware of each dish she soaps,

Of each dish she rinses,

Of each dish she dries on the cloth,

Of the wonderful motion of her hands,

The motion that created computer science,

The motion that sent man on the moon,

The motion without which bioengineering could not be,

The motion that advances humanity a little more each day,

The motion that nourishes and sustains,

The motion that is as brave as climbing Mount Everest,

As great as running a company,

As wonderful as dancing ballet,

And a little more important than them all.



Do you wash your own dishes?
I am proud to say that I wash mine.

11 thoughts on “Washing Dishes

  1. I’ve never known an appreciation of washing dishes such as this! This awesome appreciation that you have monumentalized here reminds me of the tawdry attempt in my first short novel in 1973. Which I must share now. If anybody appreciates my own appreciation of dish washing, I think it could very well be you, Mr. Mars. Thank you, if you choose to do so, for indulging:


    yours truly

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