A Question of Time

woman lying in bed watercolor steve hanks
(c) Steve Hanks

Twenty-four hours in a day:

Not one, not two, but twenty-four.

Take away sleep hours and eating hours,

And there should still be enough hours left

For me to do the things

I have, I want, I must, I dream to do.

Yet no matter how well I plan my day,

No matter what careful goals I set,

The hours slip slide away,

Softly, quietly, like black cats in the night,

So many things to do,

Never enough time.

I write every day, I read, I work, I play

Yet I never seem to do enough:

There’s never enough time.

The hours always slip slide away,

On sunny days, on rainy ones,

All through autumn, all through winter,

During workdays, during weekends, during holidays,

Always, without cease, the hours, the slippery hours,

Slip slide away.

I think tomorrow I will plan my day in such a way

That I will have nothing, nothing to do.

I will forget work, forget play,

Hide all clocks from sight,

Wake up late,

Lie in bed all day.

I will not think, I will not plan, I will not daydream,

I will stare at the window,

At whatever picture nature will paint for me,

And breathe the hours away,

All twenty-four of them,

Because I want to find out

Whether the hours will slip slide away then

As they do every day,

Or whether they will drag on

Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly,

In which case I will conclude

That there are enough hours in a day,

That they are not slip-sliding away,

That the problem is

I rush time out of my life,

I work too hard,

I try to do too many things.




Are there enough hours in your day?

15 thoughts on “A Question of Time

  1. Grab the minutes with your arms like floating bubbles from a blowing wand…before they disappear into nothingness

  2. Beautiful poem Vincent. In your ever so subtle way, you powerfully drive the message home.

    Yes, time slips away.. I, for one, find myself doing nothing but pondering whenever I have free time. Then I feel frustrated cause there isn’t enough time to do the things I want to.

    Wish there was a way out of this rut..

    The Copper Chick

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