Slowly, If You Please

(c) Kyle Walters

Tell me something I have not heard before.

Show me something beautiful.

Sing me songs.

Talk philosophy.

Buy me dinner, buy me a drink,

Buy me a present.

Take my hand,

Lead me to the bench under the trees.

Hug me like a cub.

Teach me how to kiss.

Scold me if you please.

Be angry, shout.

But whatever you do,

Don’t do it too fast

Because we have to enjoy

What we have while it lasts,

Because life is so short, so very short,

We can’t rush things

Because we can close our eyes

We can go to sleep

We can wake up

Only to find one, two, three, ten years

A lifetime has passed

And we have grown too old to care

Whether we win or we lose

Whether we laugh or we cry

Whether we live or we die.

13 thoughts on “Slowly, If You Please

    1. Oh, Jessica, I blush. How are you? Is it true what I’m hearing, that in America everything moves faster than everywhere else, that even time hurries by more swiftly there?

  1. Vincent, Vincent! This is beautiful. I can’t get enough of how softly the words flow, like a languid caress… 🙂

    And the timing is so perfect. I just met someone amazing and this is exactly what I’d want to tell him..maybe I’ll show him this poem. Thank you, for your beautiful words clearly express my feelings.

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