(c) The Silence by Victor Bregeda

You took my hand,

You led me to the bridge,

You showed me river, water, funny clouds,

The midnight sky burning with five thousand candles,

Lady Moon’s crooked smile

And far away across the water,

The glowing lights:

Red, blue, yellow, and green…

A city full of possibilities.

“If there is something you must tell me, tell me now,” you said,

rolling your hair around your finger.

I looked at you, you looked at me

You smiled, I smiled,

And then I said


Your eyes betrayed your impatience.

A minute passed, and then another.

No words from me came.

Your eyebrow arched,

Your lips seemed to say,

“Well, do you have nothing to say?”

No words from me came.

You scratched your chin,

You straightened your skirt,

You looked at me hard.

“Nothing? Really nothing?”

No words from me came.

You tapped your foot upon the ground,

You crossed your arms,

You frowned.

“This is your last chance,” you said.

“Tell me what you keep to yourself.”

I looked at you, you looked away,

I opened my mouth

But no words from me came.

You hesitated for a while

And then you sighed.

You bit your lip,

You turned,

You walked away,

Darkness swallowed you.


Please wait,

Don’t you understand?

For the happy man,

Silence is sweeter

Than any sound.

When we are more happy

than we can say,

Silence is the music

our heartstrings play.

25 thoughts on “Listen

  1. Silence is golden. I am going to stay silent because none of my words are adequate to describe how this poem made me feel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Silence is golden, but a few words to tell other person how you feel is golden as well. This minimizes misunderstanding.

    This was a good read. Thank you!


  3. Most people need the reassurance of a sound, a touch.
    If words can so easily be misunderstood – looks can be even more so.
    Relationships are built, yes, on silences and gazes, but mostly on touches and discussions, disagreements and definitions, commitments and apologies, renewals and avowals of faith and love.

    I like your poem.
    It cries, sings, pleads, disappoints, and dances in the night.


    How are you doing, my young friend?

    1. Quite so, Randy, quite so! Though I value silence, I must admit that oftentimes, silence between people, not just couples, it is a most awkward and most alarming business.

      I am relatively well, in that my doctor (and I found a good one) sent me home for the summer, telling me to come back in the autumn. Nothing seems to be obviously wrong at the moment, though there still are some doubts that only time can clarify. I shall probably write more about it in a future post. Thank you for your concern, Randy.

  4. Loved this! I just discovered your blog so you might be seeing my comments on some of your posts. I will definitely try to read many of them, as this one literally felt like it was holding my heart in its hands.

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