Shh. Let Silence Speak


Can we truly understand another person? Her suffering, her fear, her aloness? When we say “I understand” or touch her elbow gently, can we offer her more than an emphatic response?  Continue reading “Shh. Let Silence Speak”

Nothing to Say

Silence Painting

When the world around me speaks,

I try to listen, I try to understand.

I don’t speak much, though,

I don’t have much to say,

Whether you ask me how was my day,

How am I feeling,

Or why I do this or that in this or that way.

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I Want to Listen

(c) Listening by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
(c) Listening by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I want to listen to you

To what you have to say

Be it softly spoken or shouted out loud

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