I Want to Listen

(c) Listening by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
(c) Listening by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I want to listen to you

To what you have to say

Be it softly spoken or shouted out loud

Be it a cheerful laugh or a snide remark

Be it warm agreement or a burning scold

I want to listen to you

To what you have to say

Whoever you are, whatever you do

Young or old, short or tall

Familiar voice or voice never heard before

Unfortunately rich or innocently poor

Occasionally happy or consistently sad

White, black, or rainbow-colored

Man, woman, or child,

Barking dog or chirping bird

Rustling leafs above my head

Or crunching pebbles under my boot

Howling wind before the storm

Or balmy summer breeze

I want to listen to you,

To what you have to say

Boiling of the kettle on the stove,

Cutting of the knife on the cutting board

Splashing droplets in the sink

Rumbling in the sky

Blizzard, tempest, thunderstorm

Pit-pattering of raindrops on the windowpanes

Rustling sheets and creaking bed

Singers in my little music box

Sound of silence, sound of solitude

Breathing sound, heartbeat sound

Noise of city, noise of street

Noise of silence, noise of discord

I want to listen to you, too,

I want to listen to you all

Because to listen is to speak

Not with words,

But with that warm understanding

Some call love.

29 thoughts on “I Want to Listen

      1. listening is something people lack today.. we often hear then talk.. but people who listen are admirable, because they speak and not ramble..

  1. Dear Boy with a hat, (I enjoy calling you that :)) To me, your words are simple and elegant, warm and wise. Such prose, draws me to your writing, and to the world you build behind them. Your talent is unmeasurable.

  2. ….apologies for the above grammatical errors! I blame it on a poor attempt to balance my toast, coffee and iPad whilst lying in bed!

  3. Beautiful !! Soul touching poem …it’s so hard to listen outside of you …either we listen to the voices in our head or we listen to reply , we never actually listen .

    When I was reading it …There was a complete silence and all I heard was your voice reading a poem (even though we have never met )…I hardly heard my voice reading it ..and it was morning before my meditation I read it and I had a Beautiful morning ..Thank you !!!!

    1. It is wonderful to hear that, Roshni, Do you read blogs before meditating? For my part, I feel I need visual silence before and during meditation, which is why I usually keep my eyes closed before attempting it.

      1. Vincent I don’t have any such ritual of reading blog before meditation …but that particular day I was off balance and couldn’t meditate first thing in the morning( my usual time ) …but after I read your blog ..my listening senses got strogest. ….so this is the story 😀
        You like most people need visual silence that’s really good
        ..but I need to silence the voices in my head , which is hardest for me .I have to speak , write or reading helps me .Thank u for sharing and taking time to reply .

  4. I just found your blog, and I must say I have gone bonkers. I loved everything you’ve written. I think we share a writing style. Beautiful words!

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