Morning birds

Spring Morning Original Painting Art by Sascalia ( Birds in a tree)

They know something I don’t, these early morning birds, chirping among rays of gold and budding leaves. They know it without knowing it, likes trees and grass know growth like wings know air, like spring knows warmth. These birds without a name, unseen but heard, the heralds of another day, they are wiser than me— … Continue reading Morning birds

Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

On most days I pass for a man but when I stand in the sun, I am sun. When I walk on the grass, I am grass. When I drink a glass of fresh water I am water. When I love, I am love. When I am angry, I am anger. And when I hope, … Continue reading Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox

The Letter, Painting by Elizabeth Crabtree

I know you. You like to keep to yourself. You like silence. You read every day. When you come across a word you don’t know you look it up. You often linger at the window.You make out the shapes of clouds. You like it when the wind combs the trees. You like it when it’s … Continue reading An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox