​What’s happiness to you?

Doing what you enjoy and doing it well?  Another person near? Something good to eat, in the company of friends? A cat purring in your lap, waiting to be fed? A day spent in quiet solitude, with a book for a friend and music for a date? A trip someplace far that makes you feel … Continue reading ​What’s happiness to you?


Wells within wells and water hallucinations

Think of all the places that bird doesn't fly to. The sky outside was blue. Isn't she a bit like you?

About a Chaffinch

I was strolling barefoot through the garden Thinking about what to write to you this week When I came upon a fallen chaffinch, Under a withered rosebush. Had I not been minding my toes through the grass, I would have not seen it. Such are most men - tall enough not to look down as … Continue reading About a Chaffinch