Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

On most days

I pass for a man

but when I stand

in the sun,

I am sun.

When I walk

on the grass,

I am grass.

When I drink

a glass of fresh water

I am water.

When I love,

I am love.

When I am angry,

I am anger.

And when I hope,

I am hope.

And yet people think

I am only a man –

a face, a time, a place.

They think that

my business is life

and that it takes

all my time.

You are not like that.

You understand.

You are my mirror twin.

You dwell in silence.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Twin Dwelling at the Bottom of a Lake

  1. I don’t follow many people. Most only get it right occasionally. Your art is intensely personal and encompasses all, staying obscure and opening wide to those who look. Thank you.

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