On Writing and Silence

(c) Michel Cheval – Sounding Silence

I don’t know about you, but when I feel sad or lonely or restless, I write. When I am at peace and content, however, when the sky is blue and the shadows of threatening clouds do not loom over me menacingly, I tend to be silent, to keep to myself, to savor that which brings me pleasure and tranquility in quiet privacy. This is why, dear reader of my hopefully agreeable blog, I have not been as postful lately as I used to be.

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(c) The Silence by Victor Bregeda

You took my hand,

You led me to the bridge,

You showed me river, water, funny clouds,

The midnight sky burning with five thousand candles,

Lady Moon’s crooked smile

And far away across the water,

The glowing lights:

Red, blue, yellow, and green…

A city full of possibilities.

“If there is something you must tell me, tell me now,” you said,

rolling your hair around your finger.

I looked at you, you looked at me

You smiled, I smiled,

And then I said

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