Nothing to Say

Silence Painting

When the world around me speaks,

I try to listen, I try to understand.

I don’t speak much, though,

I don’t have much to say,

Whether you ask me how was my day,

How am I feeling,

Or why I do this or that in this or that way.

I do have thoughts and opinions of my own, you know,

Don’t we all?

But I’d rather write them down,

I’d rather think them through on paper.

Whenever I try to speak them aloud,

Words get lost on the way

From my brain to my tongue

Or else they come out

Strangely and unfamiliarly,

Curiosities of sound.

When I do speak, I am not sure

I understand myself.

I am not sure what I say

Or why I say it.

It’s as if someone else speaks in my place.

Silence can be a fault,

But spoken words, what are they?

The music life makes?

Noise of discord, noise of strife?

Ideas imperfectly expressed?

The cause of much misunderstanding?

Is not a hug more eloquent than any discourse?

Is not a smile, not a frown

More meaningful than any word?

Is not the language our body conveys

Clearer than the language of our tongues?

For my part I don’t say much,

I don’t have much to say.

I can only hope you understand

That silence itself is a way

To say what you have to say.


What about you? Do you speak much?

31 thoughts on “Nothing to Say

    1. I’m really not that sure, you know. You seem a bubbly person, in the most positive sense of the word, but then perhaps you are exceedingly quiet in day to day life!

  1. I know this as well… When I’m in a good mood, I’m literally talking like a waterfall. On other days, I don’t say anything. I am more able to write about difficult or very personal topics than to tell them someone face to face. Maybe this is another reason why writing can be sometimes so much easier: you don’t see the reaction instantly, there is more distance… Some people need this.

  2. It feels like you have spoken all that my heart felt … The way I find it easy to say it through a pen and paper then as a sound that may vanish with the time.
    Its like you understood it all.

  3. This is a lovely piece, I really enjoyed it. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am much better at speaking through words on paper than aloud, and I am definitely an observer, but I do talk a lot as well. I’m more comfortable verbally discussing things that I have already explored in writing though. And as you may see from my blog, I write really openly… I think people I know in real life probably learn more about me from my writing than what I say. I’m a thinker so I take a while to assess before I start speaking too.

    Thanks again for the read ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s the same here – people learn so much more about me from my blog than from what I say, which isn’t much. I don’t know if you listen to Leonard Cohen, but I think the same is true for him… People know him, or at least feel that they do, through his songs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. So far I’m liking all of your pieces. I think I talk more eloquently under the influence of alcohol. Other than that, words trips over nothing on my tongue.

    (also, Hi!)

  5. To write my thoughts, is much easier than displaying them in the air. The things I say just evaporate before making it to the ear. I think it is better to talk to myself alone than to talk to myself in a group.

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