You took my hand, You led me to the bridge, You showed me river, water, funny clouds, The midnight sky burning with five thousand candles, Lady Moon's crooked smile And far away across the water, The glowing lights: Red, blue, yellow, and green... A city full of possibilities. "If there is something you must tell … Continue reading Listen

The Many Yous

First, there’s the you of flesh and blood And then there's the you in my memory And then there are other yous: The you in my imagination, better than the actual you The you in my thoughts, frequent and insisting The you in my fantasies, naked and wild The you I think I know The … Continue reading The Many Yous

Ode On Solitude (Modern Edition)

Happy the man*, whose wish and care A house or an apartment bound, Content to breathe his native air, In his own town. Whose routine job, whose local stores Supply his food and his attire, Whose books in summer yield him shade, In winter fire. Blest, who can unconcerned’dly find Hours, days, and years slide … Continue reading Ode On Solitude (Modern Edition)