The Many Yous

Frida Kahlo Digital Art - Picasso Blue Women by Sandra Silberzweig
(c) Frida Kahlo Digital Art – Picasso Blue Women by Sandra Silberzweig

First, there’s the you of flesh and blood

And then there’s the you in my memory

And then there are other yous:

The you in my imagination, better than the actual you

The you in my thoughts, frequent and insisting

The you in my fantasies, naked and wild

The you I think I know

The you I don’t know at all

The you that is kind

The you that is mean

The you that you show me

When you are with me

The you that lingers after you leave

The you that inhabits me

The you that is all mine

The you I don’t have to share with the world

The you I cannot lose

The you that for me is more you

Than you

The you that is I.


PS: Visits to the doctor still continue. No diagnosis yet.

27 thoughts on “The Many Yous

  1. All those yous are very accurate and self-explanatory and beautiful because they each translate into very specific personal yous to all who read them. To me the ‘you that is I’ is the kind of ‘you’ that ‘I’ desperately want ‘you’ to be. Oh my goodness. Anyways. Pleasing words. Wonderful writing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Made me think very deeply about things.

  2. I’m sorry this is such a long , dragged out process for you Vincent. All I can hope is that if it was something like Cancer that they knew the diagnosis would have been quick. Maybe now it will turn out to be very annoying but benign.I hope you’re getting nearer an answer.

  3. Oh my god how could this be such a perfect poem this is epic :’) Thank you so much for this :’)

  4. This is really quite lovely 😍. It lilted along so melodically that I got nervous that the ending might be disappointing, but it wasn’t and I’m jealous and you’re really good!

  5. Have you ever read Martin Buber?
    Still praying for you Boy wah- wishing all of my blessings cling to you – and you receive a gazillion visible and invisible gifts beyond those you already possess.

  6. Hi Vincent! I have been following your blog, but never commented or clicked on the follow button (now I will click on it). This and others posts are well-written. I have enjoyed them. I hope all is well with you, and everything turns out well.


  7. It has been said over and over here before, but I will say it again nonetheless. I loved every word of this. I think the reason is because I can relate to all that you said. It was amazing to feel how deeply poetry defines us, and helps us see that we aren’t much different after all.

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