Midnight Stroll Through the Snow

wall of bare trees, branches, and twitchs in winter landscape

I’ve been waiting for her patiently and, at last, she came.

She began to snow in the night.

streetlamp shining in the background amid flurry of snowflakes winter landscape

Everyone on my street must have been asleep by then, snoring or dreaming.

It was as if she was snowing only for me.

I took my camera with me through the snowflake stings.

tracks and footsteps on the ground on snow-burried street with bare trees on the left, tall street lights on the right and snowy cars in the background

It would be such a pity to sleep this tiny blizzard, I thought.

Something about the footsteps I was leaving behind on the newly fallen snow that made me feel proud.

The steady march of the cyclops lamp posts kept me company.

snow tracks on winter street bordered by trees and tall street lamps and fences

I marched on farther and farther away from home.

At the edge of my neighborhood, there is a small train station; beyond it, a forest.

I go there sometimes when I feel like wandering.

lone street lamp growing in the dark on bleak platform

I climbed up the incline to the deserted train station.

No train would be coming for me, I knew, not now.

empty chairs in a deserted train station at night during blizzard with glowing streetlamp in the distance among a flurry of snowflakes

It was there that the wolf of cold, her pet, sneaked behind me and bit my wrist, my hand.

winter landscape with old wooden electricity poles and train tracks

Every photographer knows what it means to have a glass hand.

solitary stree lamp glowing in the dark above deserted platform winter landscape

But my right hand felt like a small price to pay for, at last, a night of snow.

solitary streetlamp glowing in the dark

5 thoughts on “Midnight Stroll Through the Snow

  1. beautiful pictures and words, thank you for bringing us with you on your stroll! ❤ really wanna do the same once snow finally arrives here

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