The Quiet Joy of Snow

Monday I awoke to a light snowfall. I sat up in bed and watched it now on an old pair of fir trees that take up much of the window. On Tuesday it kept on snowing. The first snowfall of the year always brings with it a warm and happy feeling. When it does happen, … Continue reading The Quiet Joy of Snow

Midnight Stroll Through the Snow

wall of bare trees, branches, and twitchs in winter landscape

I’ve been waiting for her patiently and, at last, she came. She began to snow in the night. Everyone on my street must have been asleep by then, snoring or dreaming. It was as if she was snowing only for me. I took my camera with me through the snowflake stings. It would be such … Continue reading Midnight Stroll Through the Snow

Glazed Stroll

Will you stroll with me through my glazed world?See how steadfast they are, these quiet trees.Let's take this path...Careful here... A droplet could fall down your hair and under your scarf and trickle down your spine...Something's waiting for us around the corner...A fallen tree. Weary with glaze, this tree snapped...Come close... See the suffering of … Continue reading Glazed Stroll