Another Snowless Christmas

Another snowless Christmas in Bucharest—I’ve gotten used to them, but still… If it wasn’t for the tree mother set up in the living room, the decorations in the shops and on the streets, and the Christmas Market under the Palace of the Parliament, I may not have even noticed the coming and going of Christmas this year.

And yet, Christmas isn’t only about the snow is it?

It’s so much more…

The time spent with family.

The spiritual depth of the event.

The joyful desire of giving and receiving gifts.


Mulled wine.

Gingerbread houses and figurines.

Mittens and scarves.

People going about the streets in Santa hats.

The cold outside and the warmth inside.

The food, the drinks, the conversations.

The slowing down of time a bit.

The looking back on the year that is about to end.

Christmas is about all these things and more, isn’t it?

Even without snow, there’s something in the air about this time of year…

2 thoughts on “Another Snowless Christmas

  1. Here is was just another hot dry day as we swelter with a heatwave and a drought. We managed Christmas cheer though. I went to the Samaritans for Christmas lunch. It was a big affair, sharing lunch with farmers whose produce were all dying or sold to people who have more water, with bushies who have lost houses and everything else in the fires. Still we managed to sing some lively carols, to eat good Christmas tucker of ham and chicken with salad. And to give gifts to each other, when the small gift given may be the start of a new life, the first thing given to a family with literally nothing.
    Christmas is certainly more than snow, or holly. its a feeling in the heart of goodwill towards men.

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