Do Think of Me

Girl in the wind painting

After I am dead,

Do think of me,

When the wind plays with your hair

and tugs at your skirt,

When raindrops glide down your nose tip

and trickle under your dress,

When snowflakes melt on your lips,

And sunrays redden your cheeks,

For it’s not only the wind,

Or mere rain,

Or just some mindless snowflakes and sunrays,

But my longing for you lingering in nature,

outlasting death.

And when you sleep with other men,

Close your eyes and think of me still,

Not as I was, but as I could have been,

If I had lived long enough for us to meet,

If you would have loved me,

If one plus one made three.

23 thoughts on “Do Think of Me

      1. This sounds ominous… Tis better to have loved and been loved than never to have loved at all… And what of Oliver? What will become of him?

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