US, not as in the ‘United States’, but as in ‘You and I’

(c) Dawn Bushong

If I die tomorrow

This will I regret:

That you and I have never met.

That we have not shared our sorrows

And discovered common joys,

Or seen ourselves reflected

In each other’s eyes.

That we have never bickered about trifles

And agreed about the things that matter,

Like closeness, faithfulness, and compromise.

That my lips have never known your cheek,

And my hand never held your hand,

Or touched your breasts, your hips, your thighs,

Or played with your hair.

That we did not have the opportunity to be

Vegetarians at table

And cannibals in bed.

That we have not died together every night

And every morning been reborn,

On the same pillow,

Nose tips touching,

My arm around your neck,

Your hands under the sheets

Mischief on your lips.

That we have never ridden a tandem bicycle on a summer road,

Or sailed a boat,

Or climbed a snowy peak.

That we have not discussed God and politics,

In the tub while scrubbing each other’s backs.

That we have not added up one plus one

To make three or four or five,

Or purchased baby clothes at a discount shop.

That we have not suffered back pains,

Or calculated our retirement funds,

Or lived to see our heads turn grey.

That after decades of a shared romance

We have not crept away,

To a forest dark,

Under a witchy tree,

Where we allowed ourselves to be

The victims not of hemlock

Or of a suicide pact,

But of understanding, love, and trust.


17 thoughts on “US, not as in the ‘United States’, but as in ‘You and I’

  1. Beautiful and intense. I’m sure you’ll be to find true love. I echo the sentiments of David and Majka.

  2. Really damn good. You upset me, with how good you are. The saving grace is that you say “I mean to say that I say what I don’t mean.” That helps a little bit. I know this comment makes no sense to anyone. It doesn’t matter. Wow. And dadgummit.

      1. My father’s older brother has been predicting his death for years. I once asked my dad if he’d ever told his brother that he isn’t a very good prophet…

        I sincerely hope and pray the same is true for you… Couldn’t bear to lose you.

  3. At least when we blog, we get to exchange ideas with people from all around the world, when otherwise we might not have had the chance to do so. But I often worry that if I died tomorrow, my family might forget to tell everybody I’ve regularly communicated with on line that I’ve passed on, so those people will think that I’ve just abandoned them all without reason.

  4. “……….recuse unrequited step right up and open your heart.”

    After reading this post a couple days ago I was inspired to write the above. This one is for you.

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