Dreaming of You

Woman in bed

On chirpy, hazy mornings,

When the sun peeps through the curtains,

And the birds are at their gossip,

I awake from dreaming

Dreams of loving you.


Your ghost lingers with me.

I feel your milky hands on my face,

Your waterfall of hair,

Tickling my chest,

Your winy mouth,

Spilling on my cheek.

We make love like worms,

And like butterflies,

And then like turtles.


You close your eyes.

You are ashamed.

Or maybe you pretend I am someone else…

Your teardrops fill my navel.

Your swimming eyes float were?

Toward sorrow?

Or hatred?

Or anger?

Or maybe gratitude

That in this early hour

I despoil your solitude,

And debase your melancholy,

And fill your emptiness with warmth.


When sunlight floods the room

Your ghost departs.

The weeping hour comes then for me.

We are not dying together,

On the same bed,

Like in my dream;

We are dying alone,

Worlds apart,

I in my creaky cot

And you on your double bed,

Half of which is empty.

I hug my pillow and kiss it

Imagining it’s you.

15 thoughts on “Dreaming of You

  1. I really liked the detail that went into writing this. The character that you’ve drawn is so believable, so true, so pure.

  2. Your work is surreal in softness..detailed, yet you
    leave some for the imagination. There is a sweet
    innocence here, a longing moment that lives
    forever in the creative mind…..

  3. This ghost of which you speak, is she real? Does she love you? For if your answers to those questions are affirmative, what matters? You are a lucky man, a man who has in his possession another’s heart. Per usual, this masterpiece of written word was created with a golden tongue. I admire your art.

  4. Whoowee, if that ain’t fine!

    I know you rank us bearded four-eyed gents pretty low on the comment totem pole, so I’m usually outta here faster’n a hound dog backed into a porcupine, but it feels all wrong and stuff not to chime in once in a while and say dadgum this here’s good!

  5. After reading this piece of ghosts and dreams and of love and then your profile – you are robbing the world of a beautiful soul in the daylight! I enjoyed it very much!


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