The Bizarre Paintings of Dan Voinea

‘Romanian artist Dan Voinea creates hallucinatory paintings of characters descending into madness and fantasy. Roughly painted figures appear doubled or translucent; sometimes different bodies melt into one another, blurring the lines of identity. Featuring wardrobes reminiscent of the 20th century and a color palette derived from early color photos, Voinea’s work is imbued with a twinge of nostalgia for a time that perhaps never existed in the first place.’ – from Beers Contemporary Art Gallery Artist Bio.

(Click on any image to enlarge.)

Which is your favorite?

10 thoughts on “The Bizarre Paintings of Dan Voinea

      1. In communication, word choice and a writer’s intent may not always align with the receiver’s. There exist filters, biases, and perception. Offense was unintended with my comment. You’re the messenger. 🙂 I still like the work and appreciate your sharing.

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