The Figurative Paintings of Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel Gerhartz was born in Wisconsin in 1965 where he now lives with his wife Jennifer and their three young children. His interest in art piqued at an early age when a teenage friend suggested they spend one dreary afternoon drawing. It was at that moment that he discovered his lifework. - from Art Renewal … Continue reading The Figurative Paintings of Daniel Gerhartz

The Bizarre Paintings of Dan Voinea

'Romanian artist Dan Voinea creates hallucinatory paintings of characters descending into madness and fantasy. Roughly painted figures appear doubled or translucent; sometimes different bodies melt into one another, blurring the lines of identity. Featuring wardrobes reminiscent of the 20th century and a color palette derived from early color photos, Voinea’s work is imbued with a … Continue reading The Bizarre Paintings of Dan Voinea

The Lovely Paintings of Emilia Wilk

Emilia Wilk is a Polish painter. Find out more about her. (Click on any image to enlarge.) Which is your favorite? Related articles The Romantic Paintings of An He The Paintings of Vicente Romero Redondo - Lovely Women in Hot Weather The Figurative Paintings of Andre Kohn