The Figurative Paintings of Daniel Gerhartz

Daniel Gerhartz was born in Wisconsin in 1965 where he now lives with his wife Jennifer and their three young children. His interest in art piqued at an early age when a teenage friend suggested they spend one dreary afternoon drawing. It was at that moment that he discovered his lifework. – from Art Renewal Center


Which is your favorite?


17 thoughts on “The Figurative Paintings of Daniel Gerhartz

  1. 16, 3, and 20, in that order. Number 16 reminds me of my own grandfather, and I see in that painting, two girls enjoying a tender moment with their grandfather.

      1. Very busy! 🙂
        Have you seen my blog recently? I’ve posted a sneak preview of a novel I’m writing now, based on my drawings. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  2. #1, #2, #6, #13, and #18 are my favorites! But they’re all gorgeous; it’s paintings like these that make me wish I could paint well.

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