20 Blogging Resolutions For the New Year

Fireworks Painting
(c) unknown

Blogging is a fun but serious occupation. It’s enjoyable, social, and engaging, but it requires constancy and discipline. It must be treated with respect.

  1. Publish at least 3 posts every week.
  2. Keep posts short and to the point, 350-400 words at most.
  3. Write compelling headlines that include numbers, ‘you,’ ‘how to,’ or are ingenious.
  4. Never use the word very in posts.
  5. Ask a relevant question at the end of the every post to encourage readers to comment.
  6. Add a suitable image or painting to every post.
  7. Give a relevant title and Alt tag to every uploaded image to make it easier to find through search engines.
  8. Write catchy openings and then insert the [Read More] tag to entice readers.
  9. Link to older entries within new posts to remind readers of earlier content.
  10. Publish posts at the right time, which for me tends to be in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  11. Republish occasionally noteworthy older posts.
  12. Respond to every question readers ask.
  13. Be democratic and unbiased – don’t skip comments left by bearded gentlemen in order to answer comments by girls with cute avatars.
  14. Schedule posts in advance before holidays or days of Internet abstinence.
  15. Read at least one blog post every day.
  16. Comment more on other blogs – commenting is the most effective way to meet other bloggers and encourage them to comment in their turn on your blog.
  17. Make friends with other bloggers, conversing with them through email and Twitter.
  18. Be useful to the community by sharing whatever worthwhile knowledge you may posses.
  19. Try not to sell your readers anything if you can help it.
  20. Give credit to the artists who create the images you use.


What blogging resolutions do you have?


35 thoughts on “20 Blogging Resolutions For the New Year

  1. Do you mind if I borrow your resolutions? Because I like all of them. I don’t know that I could write three posts each week (for time is a monster, as you know), and I would add for myself that I want to develop a more succinct and engaging style on my own blog, but your list is a splendid foundation.

      1. Hmm, I haven’t read it, so I can’t say if it’s an accurate impression or not.

        (However, I just looked up the book, and its premise strikes my fancy, so I may be able to judge soon!)

  2. You have an ambitious list. I look forward to watching you bring all of these resolutions to fruition. As for myself, I have resolved to comment more on other blogs and get to know fellow bloggers. I especially like #5, and want to do that more on my own blog. You have given me food for thought, as blogging resolutions isn’t something that I have thought of, but really like the idea of. Thank you for such a useful and timely post 🙂

  3. Alas, Vincent, I am the only one to get your droll sense of humor? Such a little trickster you are. I love #7, with your unsourced image. We have vastly different syles, but I admire you.

  4. How long have you been blogging? This is an extremely (I first wrote “very” then deleted it) thoughtful list on the topic. Learned wisdom.

  5. If there is something I’m going to stick to, its going to be not making Blogging just another thing on the To-Do List. You know what I mean?
    But I think resolutions are just another thing to break. So no resolutions for me. No need to give everything a name when you can manage otherwise, eh?
    Anyway, good luck with *your* resolutions!

  6. This was lovely to read, a smashing little post. I’m going to try and follow these, as they seem wonderful, especially to somebody who has just started blogging, such as myself.

  7. Lists frighten and overwhelm me, so I am going for succinct blog resolutions. Redesign blog. Blog weekly. Read nightly. Don’t let it take over your life (which may or may not oxymoronic) 🙂

  8. I like your resolutions very much. My resolution is to find balance between my off-line and on-line life. My life has shifted very much in recent months and that has made my previous blogging behaviors difficult. But I’m not complaining — just looking for a new equilibrium.

    Happy New Year, Vincent. You are still my favorite.

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