Hey You!

Park Bench in Herastrau

Why do you read this when you could be reading so many other things instead? Is it because you are hoping to find here something useful, fun, romantic? Is it out of solidarity with someone who has veered off the common path in order to write as a way of life? Or are you just … Continue reading Hey You!


New Year Resolutions, Or Not

This is the time of year when we write resolutions and set goals. But how many of us make it a priority this year to become kind instead of rich, generous instead of well-traveled? One day, I hope to receive a business card that says: Mr. So and So Profession: A good person For help … Continue reading New Year Resolutions, Or Not

20 Blogging Resolutions For the New Year

Blogging is a fun but serious occupation. It’s enjoyable, social, and engaging, but it requires constancy and discipline. It must be treated with respect. Publish at least 3 posts every week. Keep posts short and to the point, 350-400 words at most. Write compelling headlines that include numbers, ‘you,’ ‘how to,’ or are ingenious. Never … Continue reading 20 Blogging Resolutions For the New Year