In Praise of the Backspace Key

On our keyboards it stays aloof from other letters. We never begin a sentence with it, and unlike the Spacebar or Enter, we don’t press it eagerly as we flow with our thoughts. On the contrary, before pressing it we may sigh inwardly and feel unpleasant, as if we’ve done something wrong, committed a silent … Continue reading In Praise of the Backspace Key

What’s Your Blog to You?

woman opening window curtain in shining daylight

A way to share your passion with the world? A log of your travels or of your journey through the world of fashion? A vehicle for personal change? A place of comfort you can always come to? A marketing tool? A way to show off some talent or skill? A safe way to flirt with … Continue reading What’s Your Blog to You?

30 Tips to Become a Better Writer

I take writing tips with a pinch of salt, but I still find them inspiring. Whenever I come across some, I feel a renewed desire to write more and write better. Maybe you know that feeling. I am a young writer myself. I have a lot to learn about writing still, and a lot to … Continue reading 30 Tips to Become a Better Writer