The Value of Writing

What a strange world this would be if everyone who wrote was a famous author. First, there probably wouldn't be any forests left and the global ecosystem would be in peril. Second, readers would be overwhelmed by so many books for sale and they would probably stop reading altogether and go to the movies. Third, … Continue reading The Value of Writing


Finding the Time to Write

Maybe you want to write. Maybe you feel you have to. But you never seem to find the time. And then, when the weekend finally comes, you find that reading a new book or going out with friends comes more easily. I have often gone to bed with a sense of regret that I have … Continue reading Finding the Time to Write

Time Management for Work-at-Home Writers

You may choose to work from home thinking you will have more time for yourself, only to find out that you actually have less. Or that work stretches late into the day, taking up your whole evening, and maybe even bite into your night. One of the challenges of working from home is managing your … Continue reading Time Management for Work-at-Home Writers