What’s Your Blog to You?

woman opening window curtain in shining daylight

A way to share your passion with the world?

A log of your travels or of your journey through the world of fashion?

A vehicle for personal change?

A place of comfort you can always come to?

A marketing tool?

A way to show off some talent or skill?

A safe way to flirt with other minds?

Is it a medium for conveying your social ideas?

Of commenting on events and criticizing things that need to change?

A way to pass the time?

A journal that you can’t lose?

That others can’t peep into because it’s out there in the open anyway?

A bit of you that you’ve digitized and shared with the world?

Or a private thing between you and your family?

A writer’s log?

A stay-at-home-mom log?

A way to hopefully make some money so you can quit your job?

Something you wanted to try out?

And now maybe you’re stuck with?

A duty? An obligation?

A whim?

Hard work?

Something that’s growing on you?

A kind of addiction?

All of these things?

Something else?


For me, my blog has been different things over the years.

You can say it has been most of the above.

Now it’s a place I return to without hurry or hassle.

I don’t blog as much as I used to; I find it takes me away from the sort of writing I want to do.

But my blog has been with me for years; it’s part of me.

I have a physical body and a digital one.

Maybe you do, too?

My blog is part of my digital body, an organ within it, if you will.

Instead of blood, it’s electricity that flows through it, a constant stream of traffic.

Together with your social media organs, your blog makes your digital expression system.

But maybe I’m complicating things.

Maybe a blog is really only a kind of window into your life.

Through which you can look out; but through which the world can look in, too.

Maybe we still need that.

Maybe having a blog is not as cool as it used to be, today in the age of Instagram.

Maybe it’s also a bit more work than we’d like it to be.

But doesn’t it still fulfill some fundamental need for self-expression?

Isn’t it a window that we need to keep open, to let in some fresh air and some light?

open window sea view what's your blog to you

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Blog to You?

  1. I was just thinking about this myself and thinking it might be time to freshen up some of my intro pages. It’s nice to hear from you!

  2. It is a place where I can write. I’m not good enough to publish, so here I can write to my heart’s content. Also to share my feelings (not all of them!) and thoughts, and hopefully get some response from others.

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