A Christmas Gift for My Followers

Christmas gift

The hatted boy loves his followers. Therefore he conjures a special Christmas gift for them…

After much thoughtful consideration, I have decided that the best gift I could give you is a collection of practical tips that will ameliorate your life.

Most of these tips are ‘feminine,’ as 7 out of 10 of my blog readers are lovely, modern, intelligent, independent, strong, fascinating, feminist-inclined, hat-loving, amazing women.

  1. For shinier hair… Avoid sun on your hair . Wear hats, hoodies and scarves. Hats are a beautiful way to express your mood and individuality. Also, never comb or brush wet hair . Wet hair is fragile and breaks easily. Use a shower filter . Chlorine and other chemicals ruin your hair.
  2. For softer hands… Minimize hand washing. Water dehydrates your hands. Wash when needed — but consider using household gloves for situations such as dish washing, household projects, etc. — so you don’t have to wash your hands so many times per day.
  3. For lovelier skin… Limit bath time. Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Limit your bath or shower time, and use warm — rather than hot — water.
  4. For better time management… Schedule the most important tasks first. If you tackle your most important tasks first it will be much easier to find time for less important ones. If you allow yourself to get sidetracked on unimportant tasks or busywork, chances are you will never get to the things that really matter.
  5. For fancier dressing… Build an arsenal of “secret weapons”: Things like a quality handbag, nice shoes, fabulous shades, red lipstick or a colorful scarf add a lot to an outfit for not a whole lot of money, time or effort.
  6. For cost-effective shopping… Shop alone. Friends might inadvertently insult something you love or tell you sweet lies in the dressing room. You’re also more likely to spend more by buying things you don’t need when shopping with friends. Shop solo and see if you have more success.
  7. For superior lovemaking… Tickle her/his bellybutton. The belly button is another area you should stimulate when making love. Kissing this area with your lips and tongue will cause romantic vibrations that will likely produce sweet moans.
  8. For healthier eyes… Have the light source coming from behind you, not in front of you – normal lights above you are fine; you just don’t want to have a bright lamp right in front of you, and instead have it come over your shoulder. If you’re squinting, the light is too bright, not bright enough, or in the wrong position. Also, turn down the light on the monitor.
  9. For clearer thinking… Think on paper. When you feel stuck, write the problem down. Describing the problem on paper will help you sort it out. Now, make a list of as many solutions as you can possibly think of. Chances are, you’ve just solved your problem.

Did you like my gift?

I have compiled these tips from:

15 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift for My Followers

  1. You forgot the most important gift of all (the one that makes up for dull hair, rough hands, wrinkled skin, muddled thinking, and all the rest). For a smile…read “Boy with a Hat” (thanks for all the smiles).

    P.S. Belly buttons? Hmmm . . . maybe they DO serve a purpose after all.

  2. I did read a blog post once upon a time where a young man elected not to wash his hair for as long as possible, as an experiment. (I apologize that I don’t have the link to this post about no-hair-washing). Before readers go ewww, how discussing, wait…he did “wash” his hair, but with water only. He avoided shampoos and conditioners. The result over time: incredibly beautiful, silky, manageable, non-itchy scale included hair. There is something to be said about over doing it when it comes to soaps and such.

    By the way, I agree. Shopping alone is the best kept secret. Friends and husbands only get in the way.

    Thanks so much for the gift — especially No. 9.

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