50-Word Stories Christmas Special #1

Santa Claus

Shortly after Santa Claus’ departure on his gift-giving spree, his helpers realized that they had handed him an outdated gift delivery list which didn’t include the hatted boy’s new address: Writers’ Alley, Yellow House, Shadowy Attic.

‘Poor hatted boy!’ thought they. ‘He won’t receive any presents this Christmas!’

They wept.

(‘Let’s hope that at least one of his followers will take pity on him and send him a cheerful message through his Contact section on his blog,’ said one of Santa’s helpers, in the backstage.)

18 thoughts on “50-Word Stories Christmas Special #1

  1. Santa’s helpers didn’t realize that the greatest gift a hatted-boy can receive is the knowledge that his words have brightened countless shadowy attics in Writers’ Alleys throughout the land (yep, he kept THAT one under his hat . . . but . . . if he keeps writing these 50-word stories, he’s gonna need a bigger hat).

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