50-Word Stories Christmas Special #2

Santa and the Chimney

After eating innumerable biscuits during the summer, Santa Claus took on weight. To such an extent, that he got stuck in the first chimney he crept in.

As he struggled to climb out he heard voices in the living room below.

‘Boys light up the fireplace!’

Santa Claus was startled.

10 thoughts on “50-Word Stories Christmas Special #2

  1. I’ve heard a rumor that Coco no longer reads your blog. Is that the reason you’re overeating? Send her flowers. It doesn’t matter if you enclose a card. It will make you feel better. Happy New Year.

  2. Just a small moment after striking the first match, the boys heard a deep wailful sighing out of the chimney.
    “Could there somebody be inside ?” they asked each other.
    They were waiting for the boy with a hat.
    “He seems to be special, but wouldn’t he use the front door ?”

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