50-Word Stories Christmas Special #3

Santa Claus with Gift

Santa Claus was melancholy because he had no gifts left for himself. He wept.

As tears trickled down his beard, two white owls arrived, bringing him a present. It was a professional beard trimmer sent by the hatted boy. Santa cheered up.

‘What a capital fellow this hatted boy is!’

13 thoughts on “50-Word Stories Christmas Special #3

      1. I got the two things I needed most in the world, a big purse and lots of socks, among other stuff 😀 I really had a great Christmas this year, the best in years!

  1. Aw, it’s ironic how your name wasn’t on the list (in your 50 word story – Christmas special 1) and the only gift Santa received was from ya! Haaha, I’d love to be Santa’s Santa!

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