Where Are You Spending New Year’s Eve?

Shooting Star

I will be in Oliver Colors’s shadowy attic, listening to his love woes and artistic misfortunes, and writing them down for posterity.

When the first snow fell this year I had the premonition that this will be my last New Year’s Eve with Oliver. Maybe he will go before me, maybe I will go before him, maybe we will both go at once. I cannot tell yet.

I have no friends, and I cannot say I want any. I have been careful over the past few years to nurture no friendships. I am a wolf-boy.

I have some family, but we never eat at the same time.

I still love that inky-haired woman, but I would not want her company right now. She and Oliver cannot stand each other.

And then the inky-haired girl… She doesn’t know me as well as I know her. And I haven’t seen her in such a long time. I went to her shop last week. She was not there. I sighed relieved.

Oliver’s mother and my mother will likely knock at the shadowy attic’s trapdoor, but Oliver and I will not open.

The weather forecast for New Year’s Eve is a star-sprinkled sky. We’ll watch the fireworks through the attic window. And we’ll also look for one or two shooting stars…

23 thoughts on “Where Are You Spending New Year’s Eve?

  1. May you wish upon that star hatted boy and may the inky-haired girl get to know who you are. I hope you and Oliver have fun this New Year’s Eve and I wish you (both and your mothers) a safe, joyful, inspiring 2013.

  2. this is a comment for the boy who likes hats and comments. i love your blog. i think you are unique and full of wonder. and i wish you a very happy new year.

  3. I’ve literally just returned from my holiday, and looking on your recent 50 word tales, I must say that I’m impressed! I hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! 🙂

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