There’s Much to Do In 2013

Girl at the beach

Resolutions that are not written are forgotten, so I’m noting mine here.

  • Don’t die before publishing your story.
  • Become a published author.
  • Start writing your second novel before your first one is out.
  • Write more and write better.
  • Bury grandmother.
  • Take grandfather to live with you and mother. Look after him well.
  • Read at least 60 books.
  • Improve your body with daily exercise. (Presently I am incapable of doing a push-up.)
  • Read self-improvement books.
  • Look people in the eye when you speak to them.
  • Shave head bald.
  • Be kinder to mother.
  • Woo the girl with inky hair.
  • Buy a dog or a black cat that will become your best friend (And name it Napoleon, in honor of the great French general).
  • Continue updating and improving your blog, writing shorter, more concise posts and at least two 50-word stories a week.

Friends, what are you resolved to do in 2013?

25 thoughts on “There’s Much to Do In 2013

  1. Haha, sorry…some of that made me laugh. I think you should buy a black cat, name it Napoleon, and present it as a gift to the inky haired woman…but only after you’ve shaved your hair and been able to do at least one push-up. 🙂

  2. Just a note from a dermatological aspect.. If you shave your head and continue your hat wearing, be sure to shampoo with a salicylic acid shampoo. Unsightly bumps shall occur if you don’t, and if some point the inky haired girl removes your hat, well, we don’t want it to be all pimply.

    Just a helpful hint 😀

  3. Huge Netflix whore. I don’t have anything but Netflix actually, so I guess whore is the exact opposite of what I meant, so oops! Anyway, can’t wait to watch this one. I love a lllloooonnngg film.

    1. Yay for my new phone, which does exactly what it wants! Dreadful. Anyway, glad I could help. Just look for salicylic acid shampoo, usually would be with the dandruff type junk.

  4. I wrote this long thing, which my phone took upon itself to post elsewhere. After I called myself a Netflix whore in the first sentence. Yay me!

    Point being, I am glad for the recommendation.

  5. Interesting resolutions, but yeah, we’ll need photoproofs for the head and the cat! And I hope ypu share some thoughts on self improvement thos year too 😉

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