A great misfortune has befallen me

Pablo Picasso

To discover what that misfortune is, you will have to keep reading.

Monday I’ve noted in my new year resolutions ‘Improve your body with daily exercise.’

Tuesday I have done some push-up for beginners, remaining from my waist down in bed and lowering my upper body and then pushing it upwards with my hands, several times, with great effort.

Wednesday morning I couldn’t push the bed covers off me, and I had to crawl out of bed.

Thursday I couldn’t brush my teeth.

Today I still can’t bend my arms gracefully.

Getting dressed is still a pain. I have stopped changing my pyjamas and now I work and eat and sleep in them. I am quite incapable of scratching my head, or my armpits.

The elbow cartilages seem to be the problem. They hurt if I try to bend the arms.

Can the hatted boy lose the use of his arms at such a young age?


39 thoughts on “A great misfortune has befallen me

  1. I don’t think you’ll lose the use of your arms. You might want to go get the cartilage of your elbows checked by the doctor, but it also could be your body not being used to the exercise. Also, don’t do push ups on the bed. Do them on the floor; the bed is t sturdy enough for safe push ups.

  2. Those do not sound like push ups for beginners!! And I am certain that this is the cause of your trouble. I was in pain for a week after taking a new form of exercise – that’s why people say, no pain, no gain, and it’s also why people give up pretty quickly after taking on a new resolution. Next time do a ‘normal’ press up, but with your knees on the ground. That is a press up for a beginning. What you were doing is more advanced than a normal press up. Oh, Boy with a Hat, what are we going to do with you!

    1. Your comment, Gabriela, enlightened me.

      I have followed your advice and managed to do half a press up before my knees began aching and I had to give up. I shall try again tomorrow, with renewed vigor!

      You are a true friend.

  3. I do cheating ones by laying on a big ball. And oh, yeah, that resolution was made in December, and got done 2 or times…. thanks for reminder ! Start slowly ? Funny you.

      1. It’s weighted, and rubbery, + big, + I’m on top, so all movement easily controllable. (I have to not move my torso very much or it increases the 24/7 pain. ) So it works. I have a cramp in my right arm from phone-typing, though !

  4. The quickest way to soothe your pain is doing the same exercise again. Been there, done that. You might want to check out other ways to tone up your arm muscles before doing that particular exercise.

  5. Carol is right about the line between reality and hyperreality on this blog ;), but I hope you’re not getting computer elbow or something!

    1. A treadmill or a recumbent bicycle machine would provide you with easily controlled workouts that would strengthen your core.

      On Friday, January 11, 2013, boy with a hat wrote: > Charron’s Chatter commented: “you’ll recover. Go a little easier as your body gets used to the new work you are demanding from it. Good luck!! :)” >

  6. Are you kidding? You’ll be cut in no time. Also, when you do pushups, you have to push from the shoulders, not the elbows.

    1. also – that really doesn’t sound like beginner push-ups.. Beginner push-ups are done with your knees on the floor 😉 I know all about them!

  7. Poor you! But the inky haired one will appreciate your cut arms and chest a couple of months from now 🙂

  8. I would like to nominate you for the Liebster award! They involve answering intriguing questions to give your readers and I a better picture about the author of “Boy with a hat”. Check out my blog for the questions!

  9. no.no. I think you just have to continue the exercise and you’ll become inured to the pain and your stomach muscles will soon tugg at your face muscles. every time you gaze at your lovely abs, you’ll smile!

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