In Praise of Gift Wrapping

I enjoy wrapping and unwrapping gifts, and I especially enjoy watching unwrapped gifts lie untouched on the desk or under the Christmas tree, teasing my curiosity.  Who can say which gifts are the most precious? Those we receive unexpectedly? Those that come from afar? Those that need a long time to reach us, and for … Continue reading In Praise of Gift Wrapping

The Best Birthday Gift

With my birthday just around the corner, I thought I might as well buy myself a well-deserved gift or two, some tea and books of course, in anticipation of the gifts others will likely give me. For birthdays have indeed that power to summon you into the memory of people who are usually too occupied … Continue reading The Best Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. My twenty-third. The problem with that is not that time passes too quickly, but that it passes at all. As one birthday succeeds another they lose their significance and gradually acquire fatalistic connotations. Another birthday, another milestone on the highway to Lady Death... I can understand why children and people with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!