Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. My twenty-third. The problem with that is not that time passes too quickly, but that it passes at all. As one birthday succeeds another they lose their significance and gradually acquire fatalistic connotations. Another birthday, another milestone on the highway to Lady Death... I can understand why children and people with … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me!

A Christmas Gift for My Followers

The hatted boy loves his followers. Therefore he conjures a special Christmas gift for them... After much thoughtful consideration, I have decided that the best gift I could give you is a collection of practical tips that will ameliorate your life. Most of these tips are 'feminine,' as 7 out of 10 of my blog … Continue reading A Christmas Gift for My Followers

What Do You Want for Christmas?

The best Christmas gifts are those that can't be bought in shops: warmth, friendship, a bit of love... What I most want this Christmas is to be in Oliver Colors' company. He has already invited me into his shadowy attic, and I will join him. We'll bar the trap door and close the windows and … Continue reading What Do You Want for Christmas?