What Do You Want for Christmas?

Christmas Painting

The best Christmas gifts are those that can’t be bought in shops: warmth, friendship, a bit of love…

What I most want this Christmas is to be in Oliver Colors’ company. He has already invited me into his shadowy attic, and I will join him. We’ll bar the trap door and close the windows and make friends.

Other than that…

  • Mother has been this year aware of my frequent allusions to the back-brush that I didn’t get last Christmas, and it’s likely that I will get it this year.
  • Patricia said she will send me a post card from the UK via Paris. I entreated her to attach to it a lock of her hair, or at least an eyelash…
  • Julie promised to send me a fancy photo for Christmas. I am certain it will be… unforgettable.
  • Alarna promised to think about a suitable present for a faraway nephew. Aussie aunt, how about your fancy Kindle books with Pepi?
  • Coco also said she will send me a present, but she is giddy, and probably has already forgotten her promise. Will you write me a poem, Elizabeth?
  • Anna has stopped reading my blog a long time ago, but if by some miracle of Christmas she stumbles upon this post, she could show kindness by sending me her new novel via some of her crows. Or at least via email…
  • The inky-haired woman won’t be sending me any presents this Christmas, but a hatted boy can’t have both immortality and love…
  • If anyone else reading this wants to send me a present, please do! Deliver it to the shadowy attic of the yellow house on Writers’ Alley. Or use the Contact section.

I too have prepared a present for you all, an uninvisible one. I’ll send it Sunday.

22 thoughts on “What Do You Want for Christmas?

  1. Traditionally, I’m allowed to open one present on Christmas eve, but since I am going away on holidays on that day, I could open it today. And what did I find… a black 1930’s style Trilby hat!! 🙂

    I hope that you get your Christmas wishes and I wish you an amazing and un-frog-gettable Christmas! 🙂

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