Do You Believe in Santa?

Santa Claus

When I was at that tender age when I could not tie my own shoelaces, I had my doubts about Santa, for although I had heard much about him, I never saw him. But one Christmas eve something peculiar happened.

I was in the living room playing with my toys, next to the Christmas tree.

‘Dinner ready!’ mother shouted from the kitchen, and I went to her, abandoning my toys.

As soon as I sat down at the table, mother said she had to tidy up the bedroom, and vanished.

I ate two sausages with mustard, and drank orange juice, and when I was done I rubbed my tummy and smiled happily. Then I went back to the living room.

The sight before my eyes startled me. Under the Christmas tree there was a little army car, and a pile of illustrated books, and plenty of sweetmeats. The window was wide open, and outside was snowing.

‘Mommy! Mommy!’ cried I, ‘Santa!’

And since then I believe in Santa.

11 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Santa?

  1. Santa is real!! 🙂 For me, he’s be a personification of human joy and good will, created through the power of belief, and sustained by belief. It’s a little like how believing in a God makes Him real for that person, and not believing does the opposite.
    If you think about Santa in a particle-physics, he could just be an entity that only exists when he is not observed.
    No matter what anyone tells me, I’ll always believe in Santa Claus! 🙂

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