Sunset over hills. blue sky

Why do you make me sad

even when you make me happy?

What is it in your laughter

that wounds me

even as it makes me whole?

And why does your silence

carry the weight

of burdens yet to come?

Your looks sometimes are arrows.

Your words sometimes are spears.

When anger comes upon you

your kindness hardens into a shell

your hair becomes a coarse net

that snares me

and then it is as if

our bodies have survived a shipwreck

only to discover

that they are strangers

that it would have been better

if they drowned.

But I am young

Time is on my side

I look for you because

your sad notes and mine,

whirling around us a silent melody

like a flutter of moths

make our bones lighter

and give this sadness

the noble ending

of a sunset

after a blue summer day.


Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

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