10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About Writing

Blank pages pen and map with magnifying glass and glasses


You can never finish a story or a poem – you can only abandon it.


Love and writing don’t always get along – sometimes you have to choose.


To aim for perfection in writing (beyond grammatical perfection) is to rewrite the fun out of writing.


Writing is a refined addiction but it is an addiction nevertheless – it can be unhealthy in a most insidious way.


You can’t write better just by writing more. To improve, you need to create spaces around your writing and to give yourself time.


What you want to write is not necessarily what others want to read, but what you need to write is, sometimes at least, exactly what others need to read.


Writing is a double-edged sword that can defend you from the world but that can also hurt those who want to get close to you.


It is only reasonable for most people around you not to understand what you are doing so many hours alone in your room.


If you are not careful, writing can become a white hole that sucks you in, effacing your social identity.


Writing is not an external act, even if its product may be a book, an article, or a blog post – writing is an internal act of escapism and, at the same time, of self-validation. It is pretending to be someone else only so that you can keep returning to yourself every day.

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