Writing Like Breathing or Eating or Walking

Girl Writing Painting by Robert Tracy

If you could master any writing style, how would you want to write? Sparsely and vigorously, like Hemingway? Magically and enchantingly like Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Flamboyantly like Shakespeare? Tersely like those American crime writers? Impressionistically, like Chekhov? Playfully and inventively like Emily Dickinson? With your pen filled not with ink but with love, like Neruda? … Continue reading Writing Like Breathing or Eating or Walking

10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About Writing

Blank pages pen and map with magnifying glass and glasses

1 You can never finish a story or a poem – you can only abandon it. 2 Love and writing don’t always get along – sometimes you have to choose. 3 To aim for perfection in writing (beyond grammatical perfection) is to rewrite the fun out of writing. 4 Writing is a refined addiction but … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About Writing

What’s a Writer to You?

Woman writing typewriter

Is it someone who writes every day? Someone who makes a living writing? Someone who sells books? Someone who holds the quiet of a room dear? Or is it perhaps someone who captures your mood? To me, a writer is, well, any person who writes. She doesn’t have to sell books. She doesn’t have to … Continue reading What’s a Writer to You?